The role of Solutions4Cities is to help innovative American businesses to reach and serve the local government market.

Over the course of several years spent leading mobile payment companies, I encountered so many other extraordinary technologies that could make a huge difference to cities, counties, transit systems and other enterprises. But often they hadn’t been offered for that use, or the business leaders had no idea how to approach local government and share the ways they could help. Having spoken to hundreds of Mayors, City Managers, University Presidents and others who are charged with creating the context for our lives, I realized that they were anxious to solve challenges in new ways. So I set out to bring those two worlds to each other.

The reality is that technology and innovations in business and service delivery are everywhere. But often, because of the day-to-day pressure within local government to simply keep things running and improve in the most conventional areas, new approaches and cutting edge technology are not being used in optimal ways, to benefit those living within cities, towns, counties and so forth. This is not the fault of local governments. Cities , towns, counties and universities have huge demands, limited resources, and day-today operations are all-consuming and critical. So it can be difficult to learn what is available that would make the biggest difference.

With 25 years of experience and expertise in strategy, strategic planning and execution coupled to technological know-how, we are uniquely well-positioned to help cities make the right choice, the strategic choice, within an over-arching vision for their futures and that of their stakeholders. To keep our information fresh, we scour the marketplace for new ways to solve the biggest challenges and we provide that information so that it can profoundly improve the quality of life for citizens and the efficiency of local government.

In doing that we encounter companies and innovators who believe they have solutions that could really help. But they too are often maxed out in their own use of resources, and do not know how to approach local governments or city administrations — or may not even have recognized the great difference they could make in that setting. The role of Solutions4Cities is to spot those potential matches and bring them together, so that our country’s town squares and the people living around them can have the benefit of state-of-the-art solutions — and to help innovative American businesses to reach and serve the local government market. If you fall into either camp, feel free to contact us for an informal conversation to determine if S4C (Solutions4Cities) can help your enterprise.

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